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    Ross Putvin

    I’ve only had mine out for a few range sessions, and this is my first suppressor. I’ve just been waiting for the Trashy Panda to cool enough to remove by hand. Can it be removed when hot with a wrench? Chance of the bomb dropping with the can? Cherry bomb is torqued and rocksett on a square shoulder barrel, if that helps.



    I usually just wait for it to cool down or get a mirage cover which will second as an oven mitt when you’re trying to remove it while hot.



    I just wait until I get home to take it off. I have one of the silencershop oven mitts that I wrap around it so it doesn’t burn my bag in the meantime. I really need to get a Burn Proof Gear cover for it.



    One should not rocksett on the cherry bomb, it has tapers. If I recall, the spec is 35 ft lbs of torque for the cherry bomb to be on correctly.

    As for taking off the trash panda or any silencer for that matter, while hot… Don’t. Put the rifle down, let it cool. Every time you take your silencer off and put it back on you may change the point of impact. Put it on and forget about it. Think of a rifle with a silencer as a system…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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