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PRODUCT UPDATE: The Erector now ships with a heat treated (bronze) blast baffle instead of the original blue PVD.

employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction.

The Erector by Q is the definition of modular.

The Erector is made up of clear hard-coat anodized aircraft grade aluminum baffles, a mount and front cap, complimented by a heat treated stainless steel blast baffle.  Notice, we didn’t mention an outer tube.

No outer tube means more internal volume, making this silencer so quiet it’s in a class of its own.

It’s not only the quietest .22 silencer, it’s also the lightest at only 2.6 oz in it’s longest configuration.  On top of that, it’s also the loudest, longest, and shortest silencer on the market… Wait. What?

Configure this silencer with one baffle, or all ten to fit the needs of your host firearm and ammunition.  The choice is yours… choose wisely.


  • CALIBER: 22 LR
  • SILENCER WEIGHT:  2.6 oz (fully assembled)
  • DIAMETER:  .99″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 7.6″( fully assembled)
  • ATTACHMENT: 1/2-28 Direct Thread
  • MATERIAL(S):  7075 Aluminum & 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • FINISH:  Clear Anodize & Heat Treated Steel

“But is it full-auto rated?!”

Yes.  You, and the two other people with a full-auto rimfire rifles can confidently use this silencer.



The Fine Print:

* All NFA Regulations apply. Each state’s laws dictate what can or cannot be possessed in its own state. Some county’s within each state are different as well. Please contact your local ATF Field office with any ATF questions or concerns you may have. Q LLC reserves the right to use discretion when selling to each individual state.

** Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your dealer’s FFL within 48 hours of order placement.  Please send FFL to [email protected]  If your dealer won’t share their FFL with you, please ask them to send it to us on your behalf.

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  1. Weightless but not quite wait-less

    David Anderson on

    The weight is worth the wait. I was lucky in receiving mine in under 6 months. I have shot it in a variety of configurations yet prefer using all the sections. It really is light. You don’t know until you have it in your hands or on your weapon just how light it is. I purchased this via a silencershop kiosk and was super happy with the process. Thanks to silencershop for streamlining the procedure.
    I am looking forward to Q 9mm erector suppressor, 8.6 pistol and 8.6 suppressor!
    Keep up the outstanding craftsmanship Q!

  2. Most Funnest Silencer...

    Steve N. on

    I have other silencers, all centerfire rifle cans and this is my absolute favorite gun muffler. Light weight, practical and so much FUN! The downside, a shot timer at a rimfire steel challenge match could not pick up the muzzle report. (which is not a down side at all in my book) The upside, light weight and looking so damn cool it hurts. Kudos to Ethan, Nick, Mitch, Drew, Patrick and the rest of the Q crew.Keep making cool stuff and I will buy all of it.

  3. The best 22 can on the market!

    The Amish Cowboy Sam on

    Picked up my Erector 22 and damn is it awesome! When I ordered the can I was excited to be able to play with different sizes and try it out. But damn after putting all the baffles together and feeling how light it feels on all my guns there almost seems like no point in removing any baffles. I can’t wait for the Erector 9 and 45.

    Q you really knocked it out of the park with this one. Just like everything you do.