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The THUNDER CHICKEN by Q is the Quickie Fast-Attach version of the 100% titanium FULL NELSON.  Equally quiet, durable and accurate, the THUNDER CHICKEN is the perfect solution for shooters with multiple silencer hosts.

Like all Quickie silencers by Q, this one comes with both 1/2-28 (for 5.56 / .223 only) and 5/8-24 Cherry Bomb™ muzzle brakes in the box.  You’re welcome.

As of 5/15/2020 the Thunder Chicken and Trash Panda ship with 1/2-28(7.62) and 5/8-24 Cherry Bomb™ muzzle brakes in the box.

Silencer no longer ships with Blue Force Gear pouch. 

NOTE: Rocksett not include. Rocksett can be purchased at the link below.



  • CALIBER: 7.62 NATO / 300 BLK / 300 WM
  • SILENCER WEIGHT:  14.7 oz
  • DIAMETER:  1.75″
  • OVERALL LENGTH:  8.13″
  • ATTACHMENT: Quickie Fast-Attach
  • MATERIAL(S):  100% Titanium

“How do you disassemble this silencer to clean it?”

Disassembling a centerfire, rifle caliber silencer is completely unnecessary.  Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you a lesser quality silencer of their own.

“What tools do I need to attach and remove this silencer?”

We’re not going to nickel and dime you.  Our trash PANDA™ and THUNDER CHICKEN silencers feature standard 3/4 wrench flats on the front, and 1-inch wrench flats on the rear.  You can find these tools at your local hardware store.

“Can I use the THUNDER CHICKEN on my 90° shouldered barrel?”

Yes.  Here’s what we recommend for a minimum shoulder for our Cherry Bombs™ muzzle brakes. DOWNLOAD


The Fine Print:

* All NFA Regulations apply. Each state’s laws dictate what can or cannot be possessed in its own state. Some county’s within each state are different as well. Please contact your local ATF Field office with any ATF questions or concerns you may have. Q LLC reserves the right to use discretion when selling to each individual state.

** Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your dealer’s FFL within 48 hours of order placement.  Please send FFL to [email protected]  If your dealer won’t share their FFL with you, please ask them to send it to us on your behalf.

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  1. Light and quiet!

    Drew on

    I always get compliments on how light and quiet this thing is. Looks a lot heavier than what it is. One of the best suppressors out there. You won’t be disappointed!


    DANNO on

    MAN! this thing is rad. Sounds great (very quiet), pitch is agreeable, lightweight, fast attach mechanism has never backed off of can while firing. A tad long but this is of course, the LONGER can in the line up. I have abused the hell out of this thing and it keeps ticking. Full auto mag dumps from a 10.3 barreled M4 are no problem for this thing. I’d buy again if this can ever quit, which is very, very, unlikely.

  3. Great can, great customer service

    Dan C on

    Fit and finish of can is second to none. As soon as the can came in I shot a week long carbine course with it on my 10.3″barrel. It ran like a champ and even with thousands of rounds through it in a week, it held up admirably. Never backed off. Finish didn’t burn off. It did manage to burn holes in my equipment. Who would have thought, surpressors get hot?

    I put it on my RPR in 308 working up a subsonic load and had a bad baffle strike. It chunked out the end cap pretty good. I was pretty damn l bummed and connected Q immediately. Working through their repair department was fast and easy and they didn’t

  4. Show Off

    Harold Peeples on

    Got the Can (Thunder Chicken) and after tuning the gun for Supers and Subs, I have to say WOW! Super quiet no matter which ammo I run (sonic Crack is a given). It takes the S.A. Saint Pistol from a beast to puppy. My grandkids are enjoying shooting it (they are 10 and 11) because the recoil and sound pressure level is minimized. Hearing safe to say the least, and the weight actually adds a little stability to the firearm. To watch a 10 year old walk in fire on a 10″ gong is outragous. They compared it to airsoft, plus the range crowd was impressed as well. Now all we need is a steady supply of ammo to feed it.